Terms & Conditions

DemonPhotobooths.co.uk Terms & Conditions

  1. Application of the General Terms and Conditions of Hire

The general terms and conditions of hire outlined below (hereafter known as “General Conditions”), govern the contractual relationship between any user of Demon photobooths  These general terms and conditions are the only ones applicable and replace all other conditions, except in the case of express written consent. Demon photobooths may be occasionally obliged to modify certain provisions of its general conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to re-read the terms and conditions before booking with Demon photobooths. We consider that by confirming your booking, you have read and accepted our general conditions of hire without reserve.

All bookings placed by the customer imply the full acceptance of the present general conditions of hire. Any clause accompanying a customer’s booking, or any other document which is in opposition to, or which adds a new element to the present general conditions (such as the general conditions of hire by the customer), will not be accepted by Demonbooths.co.uk

  1. Prices and Discounts

Demon photobooths will only deal with British sterling, all photo booth bookings by Demon photobooths are billed and advertised in British sterling, at the price quoted on the day of the booking by Demon photobooths. All our packages include delivery, setup and take down of the booth. 

  1. Payment Conditions

Payment must be made via a Bank transfer with a initial Non-refundable deposit of £50 followed by the remaining balance 2 weeks before the event.

Any booking within two weeks of the booking date payment will be required in full upon time of booking. 

  1. Availability of product

Our photo booths are offered for hire while we have photo booths available. The information on the availability of products comes directly from the time of the enquiry and is provided to you at the moment a booking is put through. We cannot be held responsible for any error or exceptional modification.

  1. Forwarding – Delivery – Delivery Charges

Delivery charges are inclusive of the final price and will not be changed unless the venue changes.

Demon photobooths will arrive and setup approximately one hour before the hire period is due to commence. The booth will be setup in the area stated on the booking form,

The hire period is for a set period as specified on the booking form. Demon photobooths will commence at the agreed time and finish at the agreed time. If for any reason, we are not able to commence at the agreed time due to matters concerning  we will extend the end time.

If we  cannot start on time due to poor access, not having access as required due to the venue or other such circumstances,we will finish at the time stated on the booking form. for the hire


If a photo booth arrives and does not conform to the booking form,Demon photbooths will refund the full amount to the client. A copy of the booking form must be attached to the client’s claim. No claims will be processed that do not adhere to the above conditions.


Demon Photobooths will hold on all accounts the name stated on the booking form liable for any breakages to the equipment belonging to Demon photobooths.we will waver the cost of broken or missing props only.

  1. Termination of Booking

Any abuse or violent behavior to Demon photbooths equipment or members of staff will result in immediate termination of the photo booth.

8.1 Photo Booth Use

For safety and for the comfort of all our client’s we ask that you do not to smoke in the photo booth this includes e cigarettes, food and drink is also prohibited. All accessories must remain within the vicinity of the booth,staff will at their discretion remove props from use if they deem they are being abused.

8.2 Use of Photo Booth Images

Photos taken by Demon photbooths will not be uploaded to any social media platform without the permission of the host or relevant person.

  1. Ownership of Property

Demon photobooths remains the owner of the merchandise delivered at all times.

  1. Point of Sale

In the case of non-payment, declined transaction or any other reason for the funds not to be debited the product will not be delivered and the sale shall be considered void.

  1. Applicable law – Attribution of jurisdiction

In the event of a failure to amicably resolve payment, all litigation involving Demon photobooths and its clients will be settled exclusively in the Courts of the United Kingdom with the applicable law being British law.

  1. Access to Venue

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the venue is aware that Demon photobooths will be arriving with a photo booth and requires the venue to provide acceptable parking to load and unload the photo booth.

  1. Required Space

The booth requires an area measuring 2.5 meters x 1.5 meters and a height clearance of 2 meters it is the client’s reasonability to ensure there is ample room to assemble the photo booth.

  1. Electrical

The photo booth  will require one standard 240v socket only. If the client’s event is being held within a marquee or is outside (weather dependent) a generator with sufficient fuel needs to be supplied with a standard 240v socket available.

  1. Outside Use

Our photo booths are for indoor and outdoor use only,The  photo booths require a firm level floor, if your event is in a marquee, outside or a similar temporary structure, a suitable base will be required. Outdoor usage is decided by Demon photbooths and is weather dependent.

  1. Circumstances Beyond Our Control

We Will make all reasonable endeavours to attend all events. Where circumstances make this impractical, such as, but not limited to, adverse weather, traffic delays or vehicle breakdown, We will contact the client or the venue as early as possible.